Classical Music from Africa and the African Diaspora


“The efforts of the RBP Foundation are of historic importance, both from scholastic and social perspectives.”
Aaron P. Dworkin, Professor of Arts, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, University of Michigan – Founder, The Sphinx Organization
“This is extremely important work … There have been many occasions in my professional life when I’ve wished that a resource such as the one you’ve started had existed … I am a huge supporter of this project.”
Lee Koonce, President & Artistic Director, Gateways Music Festival, Eastman School of Music
“All I can say is, hurry up, we need this NOW!”
Dr. Tanya L. Carey, Past President, Suzuki Association of the Americas
“As a violin instructor, I would find the anthology especially helpful for motivating my young minority students with the knowledge that there is a history that is relevant to them in relation to classical music.”
Terrance Gray, Associate Conductor, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras
“What a marvelous and worthwhile project for you to develop! Thank you for your original thinking, for providing a valuable teaching resource, and for your wish to inspire students of color to embrace classical music.”
LeAnn Binford, Former Director of Education, Dallas Symphony Orchestra
“Nothing has ever been done like this before … the expanded histories about Black violinists will enable all musicians to reclaim an immensely important and influential aspect of our music history.”
Karen A. Shaffer, President, Maud Powell Society for Music and Education
“A project such as this will expand the entire musical spectrum of performed music as we know it.”
Brad O’Brien, Orchestra Director, Lane Tech College Prep HS
“Such a compilation will greatly benefit all string music students … I commend the Rachel Barton Pine Foundation for undertaking this innovative work.”
Duffie A. Adelson, Former Executive Director, Merit School of Music
“This series of books and CDs will be a valuable resource for teachers and students alike … I look forward to the day when we may use your new collection with our students.”
Barbara Barber, Violinist and Violist, Artist Teacher
“I applaud Rachel Barton Pine’s efforts to produce teaching materials using the works of Black composers … She should be enthusiastically supported in this project.”
Michael Morgan, Music Director, Oakland Symphony
“[MBC] offers a new and I think particularly effective way to encourage more minority students to study stringed instruments and experience the joy of playing classical music – their music.”
Dr. Terry L. Applebaum, Provost, The University of The Arts
“The research of Black composers by the Rachel Barton Pine Foundation is invaluable to both performers and music teachers”
Almita Vamos, Professor of Music, Roosevelt University
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